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Shortly after assuming her new role, incoming Chamber of Commerce CEO Suzanne Clark praised Democrats for embracing corporatism as the Republican Party becomes the America First workers party.

“We did support more Democrats last year than we have before because they supported our priorities,” said Clark during a Bloomberg TV interview on Wednesday. Longtime CEO Tom Donohue was forced out of his role after Chamber members staged a revolt due to the Chamber’s betrayal of the GOP and support of Democrats throughout the 2020 election cycle. Unfortunately, the new boss appears to have similar priorities as her predecessor.

“We had more Democrats join us in that fight last year, and that was a good thing,” Clark said about her organization’s fight to maintain globalist control on issues like trade and immigration. Clark has announced that she will be terminating Chamber support for certain lawmakers who supported an investigation into voter fraud concerns as well. “There are people who lost our support on Jan. 6, no doubt about it,” she said. Read more…