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As Republicans near the 100-day mark since taking control of the House, the party has nothing to show for its hallmark promise of ending the border crisis, thanks to an early attempt in January that never coalesced, as well as infighting stalling any progress.

Five GOP aides directly involved in border security legislation efforts spoke with the Washington Examiner this week about the state of affairs, including the party’s next big attempt to move on legislation.

In mid-April, the House Homeland Security Committee will introduce a comprehensive bill that targets a slew of border issues, going far beyond a series of seven bills put forth by members in January that have failed to move out of committee.

“There are no quick fixes, and the Committee is looking to offer long-term, workable solutions,” a committee spokesperson said in a statement.

The bill was born out of a framework developed by the American Security Task Force, which leadership created in mid-2021. In July last year, the group of primarily border lawmakers announced they had agreed on a framework for a bill that could win full party support. Read more…