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Representative Paul Gosar has added another name to his recent 2022 endorsements, backing Florida State Representative Anthony Sabatini for the state’s 7th District.

Gosar endorsed Sabatini, a well-known Trump-ally and strong proponent of America First policies, on Monday, saying he was “proud” to give his support to the current Florida State Representative. “We need more America First fighters in Congress,” Gosar said, adding that Sabatini is a “proven soldier in the war to save America.” In a follow up tweet, Sabatini thanked Gosar for his endorsement, describing him as one of the most “based” conservatives in Congress.

Republicans for National Renewal, the national-populist pressure group chaired by former House Rep Kerry Bentivolio, who have been pushing for more America First politicians on The Hill, celebrated Gosar’s endorsement of Sabatini in a tweet, saying that Sabatini is the man that “the establishment fears, and that we desperately need in Congress.” Read more…