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Ammon Bundy, the son of Cliven Bundy of the Bundy Ranch that resisted the Obama administration’s Bureau of Land Management’s 2014 attempt to confiscate the senior Cliven’s cattle due to years of alleged grazing on public lands without a permit, officially announced his run to become the Republican nominee for Governor of the State of Idaho at a campaign-style event that attracted hundreds of supporters earlier today.

“May we keep Idaho a bastion of freedom and prosperity for years to come, may we be an example to the world of how to be free, of how to act, how to treat each other, and how to leave each other alone. And together, all of us together, may we Keep Idaho, Idaho,” said Bundy earlier today in Meridian, Idaho, referencing his campaign slogan, “Keep Idaho IDAHO.”

Bundy’s vision for Idaho, known as the “Keep Idaho IDAHO Plan,” features the elimination of property tax, income tax, and consumption taxes, plans to take back the 61% of Idaho land currently held by the federal government, prevent vaccine mandates, and recognize cryptocurrencies as official accepted forms of payment in the state. The plan also features criminal justice reform, the legalization of marijuana, and an executive order to end abortion in the state. Read more…