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Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) has been pushed relentlessly by the Republican Party establishment as a new leader, with his support for climate change policy, red flag laws and endless wars making him an ideal standard bearer for globalism.

However, America First patriot Mike Billand is hoping to end Crenshaw’s political career before he can co-opt MAGA and return the Republican Party to the Bush-era doldrums. He spoke to Media Right News about his nascent candidacy. Billand is described in the profile as “a blue-collar American who works hard and doesn’t plan to be beholden to ideologies backed by large corporations and special interest groups that plague both parties.”

Billand stands firmly “against illegal immigration” and “against any illegitimate claims to asylum” in contrast to Crenshaw’s support for amnesty. His words also make it clear he is a strong constitutionalist. Read more…