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Joe Biden on Thursday announced that his administration would be reversing a Trump Administration decision to ban so-called “diversity training” from federal government agencies, according to ABC News.

President Trump had removed such “training” from the federal government as part of a larger crackdown on the far-left concept of “critical race theory,” which essentially argues that all White people are racist, and claims without evidence that America is an inherently racist and sexist nation. The order prohibited federal agencies from using taxpayer dollars to fund such courses, which would “teach” federal employees about such fictional concepts as “systemic racism” and “White privilege.”

Multiple far-left groups voiced their support for Biden’s reversal of this policy. A spokesman for Crescent Care, a New Orleans-based non-profit that supports critical race theory, said that Biden’s move “underscores the priority he attaches to the United States government grappling honestly with implicit bias, racism, and sexism in this country.” Read more…