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Biden regime Secretary of State Antony Blinken admitted during an interview on Face the Nation this Sunday that the U.S. government has to ask the Taliban’s permission to allow the evacuation of American citizens from Kabul, Afghanistan. Experts have labeled the Biden’s regime’s mismanagement of U.S. military withdrawal from Afghanistan a monumental failure.

Blinken was told during the interview by CBS’ Major Garrett, “Someone in our audience might listen to you Mr. Secretary and say, ‘Oh, so we have to ask the Taliban for permission for American citizens to leave.’ True or not true?”

The Biden regime Secretary of State nodded and solemnly affirmed, “They are in control of Kabul. That is the reality. That’s the reality that we have to deal with.” When asked how comfortable he was with that reality, Blinken said, “What I’m focused on, what we’re all focused on, is getting people out, and making sure that we’re doing everything possible to do that, it is uh, I think it is a requirement of the job to be in contact with uh, with the Taliban that controls Kabul, and look, what we’ve seen, uh, Major, is uh, is also pretty remarkable.”

Last week, the Biden regime asked the Taliban to form an “inclusive and representative” government with the “full and meaningful participation of women.” Read more…