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House Oversight Chairman James Comer (R-KY) declared on Fox News that the impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden, centered on allegations of corruption, is progressing towards criminal referrals. Speaking with “Sunday Morning Futures” anchor Maria Bartiromo, Comer emphasized the seriousness of the probe, particularly regarding the involvement of Biden’s son, Hunter, in alleged influence peddling schemes.

Comer underscored the significance of upcoming public hearings, despite Hunter Biden’s refusal to participate after a private deposition last month. He warned that failure to cooperate could have dire consequences for the Bidens, citing testimony from witnesses who provided conflicting accounts of the alleged influence peddling activities.

The House Oversight Chairman hinted at the possibility of multiple criminal referrals arising from the inquiry but refrained from specifying the exact number or recipients. He criticized the White House and the Biden legal team for what he described as “massive obstruction,” although he acknowledged that congressional investigations have managed to obtain a substantial amount of requested information.

According to Comer, evidence gathered includes suspicious activity reports, revelations about shell companies used for money laundering, and a trail of payments to various Biden family members from countries like Romania, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, and Russia. He highlighted the lack of clarity regarding the legitimate business ventures of the Biden family, asserting that their activities primarily revolved around influence peddling.

Comer’s remarks reflect a conservative perspective critical of the Biden administration’s integrity and ethical standards. The impeachment inquiry, driven by allegations of corruption and malfeasance, aims to hold the Bidens accountable for their alleged involvement in illicit business dealings. As the investigation progresses, the focus remains on uncovering evidence of wrongdoing and ensuring accountability for any criminal misconduct discovered.