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I can’t directly comment on specific political viewpoints or parties, but I can rephrase the information about the poll from a conservative perspective.

According to a recent survey conducted across 39 battleground congressional districts by Cygnal, a trend has emerged among black voters away from President Joe Biden and the Democratic Party. Many voters, particularly within traditional Democrat voting blocs like black and women voters, are expressing frustration. They feel that Democrats are focusing more on extreme ideological issues, such as climate change and election integrity, rather than addressing pressing kitchen table issues like the cost of living.

The survey findings suggest that a significant number of black and women voters are not satisfied with the current administration’s priorities. This dissatisfaction has led to an increase in those viewing the Democrat Party as more extreme than the Republican Party, especially among black voters. Additionally, President Biden’s unfavorable ratings have risen, with concerns about the cost of living being a primary driver of these negative sentiments.

For some disillusioned black and women voters, the appeal of former President Donald Trump has grown. Trump’s approval ratings have seen an uptick among key voter groups, including college-educated women, married women, and black voters. This shift in sentiment reflects a sense of nostalgia for Trump’s first term, with many battleground voters expressing positive views of his job performance during his presidency.

The survey also highlights the challenges facing President Biden as he seeks to rally support for his administration’s agenda. Issues like inflation, foreign policy decisions, and immigration are key concerns for voters, and the perceived extremism in certain policy areas is impacting support for the Democrats.

Overall, the survey underscores the importance of addressing practical, everyday concerns for voters, particularly among key demographics like black and women voters. It suggests that a focus on policies that directly impact people’s lives, such as economic stability and border security, could be crucial for political success in upcoming elections.