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During a segment on ‘Cavuto Live,’ Fox News Contributor Jonas Max Ferris and Quill Intelligence CEO Danielle DiMartino discussed the significant population shifts from Democratic-leaning states to Republican ones, shedding light on the factors driving this exodus, including taxes, cost of living, and crime rates.

The migration data disclosed by the Idaho Secretary of State’s office revealed a noteworthy pattern. Among the nearly 119,000 newcomers to Idaho, a substantial 65% registered as Republicans, contrasting starkly with the mere 12% who identified as Democrats. Delving deeper, the statistics displayed an overwhelming tendency of conservative-leaning individuals from Washington, particularly Republicans, moving to Idaho. Of the approximately 20,000 migrants from Washington to Idaho, a striking 62% aligned with the Republican Party, surpassing the state’s overall percentage of registered Republicans, which hovers around 58%.

Idaho’s Republican Secretary of State, Phil McGrane, underscored the attraction for conservatives toward Idaho, attributing it to the state’s robust economy, business-friendly climate, and steadfast conservative principles. McGrane emphasized Idaho’s emergence as a destination for those embracing values and a high quality of life that characterizes the state.

The migration trends unveil a shift from traditionally liberal states like California and New York towards red states such as Florida and Texas amid the pandemic. However, Idaho’s case depicts a different story, with right-leaning voters predominantly from blue states migrating to a state with aligned political ideologies, where Republicans govern various state offices.

The Seattle Times highlighted real estate advertisements encouraging residents from liberal-leaning states to “escape liberal hell” and relocate to Idaho, underscoring the sentiments prompting the move.

California, widely recognized for resident migration, saw a massive departure of more than 340,000 people between 2021 and 2022, with a staggering 75% of those relocating to Idaho registering as Republicans. Factors contributing to this exodus include rising crime rates, high taxes, drug issues, and stringent pandemic restrictions during lockdowns.

Similarly, data indicated a significant influx of Republican-leaning migrants from Oregon to Idaho, signaling a migration trend predominantly characterized by individuals identifying with conservative ideologies seeking refuge from states with starkly different political landscapes.