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Former GOP Rep. Mayra Flores has announced her candidacy for her previous congressional seat, seeking to regain the position she lost in the 2022 general election to Rep. Vicente Gonzalez (D-TX). Flores made her announcement during an appearance on Fox News, expressing her excitement and determination to flip Texas District 34 in the upcoming 2024 election.

In her campaign announcement, Flores highlighted key issues that she aims to address, including border security, the economy, and combatting child trafficking. She emphasized the need to empower border patrol agents, strengthen border security measures, boost the economy, and protect children from the ongoing issue of trafficking in the country.

Flores positioned her campaign as a grassroots movement, urging the American people to support her bid for Congress. She emphasized that her campaign represents the people and their desire to have a strong voice in Washington. Flores, as the first Mexican-born congresswoman, previously secured the traditionally Democratic House district in June 2022 through an upset victory. However, due to redistricting, she faced a more challenging electoral landscape in the general election.

Texas’s 34th Congressional District is currently rated as Democrat +9 on the Partisan Voting Index by the Cook Political Report, indicating a Democratic advantage. The report also predicts that the 2024 race in the district is likely to favor the Democratic candidate. Despite these ratings, Flores remains hopeful that she can rally support and flip the district back to Republican control in the upcoming election.

With her announcement, Flores aims to energize conservative voters and present herself as a candidate who can effectively address the concerns of South Texas constituents. Her campaign will likely focus on conservative principles, including limited government, individual liberties, and pro-border security policies, appealing to conservative voters who prioritize these values in their representatives.