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The GOP recall effort in California went down in flames this week with Governor Gavin Newsom easily surviving 64-36 but at least Larry Elder raised over $18 million and Caitlyn Jenner got to go all over Fox News!

Elder was the choice of 47% who supported the recall whereas ConInc’s initial favorite, Caitlyn Jenner, got only 1%.

The SF Chronicle reported last week that Elder raised more than $18.3 million as part of the recall effort.

Elder and his GOP-backers profited off this scheme whereas conservatives just got taken for a ride.

Elder had plans to run a “Stop The Steal” grift but got cockblocked by the media.

The website was just a page shilling for donations.

Not only is he profiting off this scam but he’s discrediting the idea there’s widespread voter fraud.

Are conservatives ever going to wake up to the fact they’re simply being fleeced? Read more…