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Fox News senior congressional correspondent Chad Pergram reported on Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s move to challenge House Speaker Mike Johnson, shedding light on a rift within the Republican ranks. This move reflects a growing discontent among conservative lawmakers regarding the handling of impeachment articles against Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. The delay in transmitting these articles to the Senate underscores Republican concerns that the Democratic majority might rush through the trial process without due consideration.

House Speaker Mike Johnson’s decision to delay sending the impeachment articles aligns with the conservative viewpoint that the Senate should have ample time to conduct a thorough and fair trial, upholding its constitutional duties. This delay tactic, supported by at least 10 Republican senators, aims to prevent a hasty dismissal of the articles by Senate Democrats, led by Majority Leader Chuck Schumer. Such a dismissal, Republicans argue, would undermine the seriousness of the charges and bypass critical deliberation.

During discussions at a gathering hosted by the National Republican Senatorial Committee, senators like Mike Lee and Ron Johnson actively advocated for delaying the impeachment articles’ delivery. Their efforts, along with those of other GOP senators, reflect a strategic move to ensure a more robust debate and scrutiny of the accusations against Mayorkas, without the distraction of an impending weekend recess.

Senators emphasized the significance of this delay, highlighting the opportunity it presents to engage in substantive discussions on the impeachment articles. This tactic aims to counter what some Republicans perceive as a Democratic strategy to minimize media coverage and rush through the trial process, potentially influencing undecided senators facing reelection.

House Homeland Security Committee Chair Mark Green’s support for the delay underscores broader Republican unity on this issue. Green’s readiness to proceed with the trial contrasts with Senate Republicans’ push for a more deliberate approach, signaling divergent perspectives within the party on the timing and handling of the impeachment proceedings.

The Republican stance against swiftly tabling the trial reflects concerns about upholding constitutional integrity and ensuring a thorough examination of the allegations against Mayorkas. This conservative perspective emphasizes the importance of due process and substantive debate in addressing impeachment matters, setting the stage for a contentious yet critical phase in congressional proceedings.