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Renegade liberal journalist Glenn Greenwald recently appeared on Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tonight where he explained why the fake news media desperately wants troops to be put back into Afghanistan.

He explained why he believes the media is turning on Joe Biden, who removed troops abruptly from Afghanistan with the Taliban taking over even faster than anyone could have predicted. It is because the deep state controls the fake news media, and liberals support the nation-building effort of spreading democracy abroad through bombing campaigns and occupations of foreign lands.

“They really do believe constantly in militarism and war. Their closest relationships in the media are with the CIA, are with the Pentagon, are with the national security state. They constantly cheer for war. They constantly want more war,” Greenwald said about the fake news media.

“I do think though they are deeply offended when they see American greatness as they perceive it falling and failing, and these kinds of images are not ones Americans are accustomed to seeing – losing to what is essentially a primitive fighting force in the most humiliating manner possible,” he added. Read more…