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After Republican Mayra Flores won the special election for Texas’ 34th Congressional District – flipping the D+5 district that covers a portion of the Rio Grande Valley – Democrats are apparently not doing well.

After winning her election on Tuesday night, Flores tweeted that her campaign “started the red wave” that’s been building ahead of November’s general election – and Democrats are apparently realizing just how big that red wave may be.

Fresh reporting in POLITICO on Wednesday showed how Democrats are in disarray in new ways and how the blame game has already started after just one special election loss in Texas. “Republicans blew up more than a century of almost uninterrupted Democratic control in that region Tuesday night, earning a special election win in a heavily Latino border district they had rarely even contested since its creation in 2012 – but where the GOP has made rapid gains in the last few years,” POLITICO reported. Read more…