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The Biden Justice Department is “the shield and the sword”—the motto of East Germany’s Stasi—for the Democratic Party, protecting its own corrupt ranks while terrorizing any and all detractors.

While reading emails in his bedroom last Wednesday morning, Paul Hueper heard a loud commotion inside his house. Still clad in pajamas, the Alaska business owner ran to his dining room to see what was happening.

Hueper found himself face-to-face with several armed FBI agents, guns drawn, barking orders to him and his wife, Marilyn. The agents had kicked down the front door of their home in Homer, Alaska where they also operate a day spa and inn.

The pair were quickly handcuffed along with a few houseguests, including a teenager. Paul and Marilyn, who had attended Donald Trump’s speech in Washington, D.C. on January 6 and then walked to the Capitol, were interrogated for at least three hours by federal investigators.

“They said they had a search warrant but didn’t present it to us . . . they said it had something to do with the January 6 riot . . . as they called it,” Hueper told a local radio station after the April 28 raid. “They put us in different rooms to make sure we were telling the same story. They treated us like criminals.”

Marilyn was told she was a suspect in the case of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s “stolen” laptop; a few hours into the inquisition, an agent finally showed Marilyn a photo of someone inside the Capitol on January 6 who looked like her. She told agents it wasn’t her and insisted the image had been photoshopped.

The whole incident was somewhat amusing to the Huepers. “We laughed a lot of the time because it was so ridiculous,” Marilyn said. “I could hear Paul laughing in the other room.”

But it was far from a laughing matter. One investigator warned Marilyn that if she didn’t give the answers they were looking for, she could face perjury and obstruction of justice charges. Although it was clear neither Hueper had the “stolen” laptop or were inside the building on January 6, the FBI ransacked their home then confiscated computers and cell phones. (The FBI also took the Huepers’ copy of the Declaration of Independence; considering one judge recently cited a January 6 defendant’s text about the “spirit of 1776” as evidence of wrongdoing, perhaps the government will present the founding document in court to show the Huepers are a danger to society.)

Paul Hueper, without an attorney present, allowed agents to retrieve photos from his cell phone. (Please do not try this at home, folks.) “I’ve got nothing to hide,” he said.

Unfortunately for the Huepers, the presumption of innocence, due process, and equal treatment under the law do not apply to Americans on the political Right, particularly supporters of Donald Trump. The story was described as a case of mistaken identity—but the FBI knew exactly what it was doing.

There was no mistake…

And since the Huepers spoke publicly about what happened to them, retribution by the government is undoubtedly imminent. Read more…