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The Democrats’ disdain for law enforcement has deep roots, but it escalated significantly during Barack Obama’s presidency. Obama frequently criticized police actions in high-profile incidents without waiting for all the facts, exacerbating tensions. By the time of the George Floyd protests in 2020, Democrats were openly endorsing radical calls to defund the police, even in traditionally less liberal areas. The party’s leadership embraced the rioters’ message and overlooked their own COVID restrictions to support the unrest.

Furthermore, the left’s stance on law enforcement is not just anti-police but also pro-criminal. While they target Donald Trump and his supporters, they often advocate for leniency toward criminals, allowing them to return to criminal activities with impunity. The recent tragic killing of NYPD Officer Jonathan Diller by a repeat offender underscores this issue, highlighting a system that fails to adequately address repeat offenders and prioritize public safety.

The deterioration of law and order in cities like New York can be attributed in part to the embrace of movements like Black Lives Matter and calls to defund the police. Additionally, the obsession of the Manhattan district attorney with pursuing cases against Trump has diverted attention and resources away from addressing real crime issues. The failure to enforce laws effectively has emboldened criminals and put law-abiding citizens at risk.

Republican candidates may find traction in addressing these concerns on the campaign trail, highlighting the consequences of progressive policies on public safety. The strained relationship between law enforcement and city officials, as seen in New York City, underscores the urgent need for leadership that prioritizes law and order. Police unions have expressed frustration with city council members who undermine their efforts and have even requested that certain officials refrain from attending the funerals of fallen officers.

In contrast, former President Donald Trump has shown unwavering support for law enforcement throughout his presidency. His attendance at Officer Diller’s wake demonstrates his solidarity with the men and women in uniform. Trump’s emphasis on addressing crime in his campaign speeches resonates with many, particularly those disillusioned with the Democrats’ handling of public safety issues. As the Biden administration faces criticism for its border policies and perceived disregard for law enforcement, Republicans may gain support from traditionally Democratic-leaning groups, such as big city cops, in upcoming elections.