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While it’s naive to assume the mainstream media will cover conservatives fairly, legacy outlets continue to defy reason and reach new lows in their desperate attempts to smear conservatives over what is, more often than not, complete bunk.

Such is the sorry state of The Miami Herald, a newspaper that fired up its presses in 1903 and since then has more than 20 Pulitzers to its credit. In recent years, however, The Miami Herald has spiraled into a meme of its former self with desperately bad coverage that’s often targeted at Florida’s Republican Governor Ron DeSantis. They apparently failed to read the recently signed parental rights bill and instead depicted the law in their coverage of the legislation’s path to passage, and now they’ve really proven they can no longer be taken seriously.

“DeSantis calls out ‘fake news,’ but his campaign used fake news site to raise cash,” reads an April 5th story published by The Miami Herald. Read more…