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Democrat extremist Beto O’Rourke has announced his campaign for Governor of Texas, speaking exclusively with Texas Monthly in an interview published Monday.

O’Rourke was easily defeated by Republican ‘Beautiful’ Ted Cruz in a campaign for the US Senate in 2018, losing a statewide election in an environment considered highly favorable to Democrats. Now, O’Rourke intends to win an election for governor in a climate in which Democrats are expected to receive the most brutal and relentless electoral whipping in a generation, with white suburban voters increasingly turning against the tidal wave of woke garbage circulated by the party into every element of American life.

O’Rourke is primarily known for waging a presidential campaign on the basis of a proposal considered to be among the most extremist and undemocratic policies ever advanced by a major candidate in the United States. O’Rourke proposed forcibly seizing guns from law-abiding patriots, pointing to everyday citizens as a danger responsible for criminal gun violence. Read more…