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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has taken significant steps to uphold law and order by signing multiple bills into law. Among them is SB 1718, titled “An act relating to immigration,” which prioritizes the safety and security of citizens, legal residents, and exploited illegal aliens in Florida. The new law implements common-sensical measures to enforce immigration laws and hold both employers and illegal aliens accountable.

One key provision in SB 1718 mandates that employers must use E-Verify to check the eligibility of their employees for employment. Failure to use E-Verify results in a daily fine of $1,000 for employers. Additionally, the law suspends licenses of employers who knowingly hire illegal aliens and makes using fake IDs for employment a felony. By taking these actions, the legislation aims to reduce illegal employment and incentivize employers to hire legal workers.

SB 1718 also addresses the pressing issue of human smuggling. The law enhances penalties for those involved in smuggling, particularly if they transport five or more illegal aliens or a single illegal alien minor. This change results in a second-degree felony, subject to a $10,000 fine and up to 15 years in prison, sending a strong message that such activities will not be tolerated in Florida.

Furthermore, the law allocates $12 million to continue the Unauthorized Alien Transport Program, which relocates illegal immigrants to sanctuary jurisdictions. This measure aims to address the challenges posed by illegal immigration by implementing a systematic and lawful approach to handling unauthorized immigrants.

The legislation takes a firm stance against local governments and NGOs that issue identification documents to illegal aliens. It also invalidates all out-of-state driver licenses issued exclusively to illegal aliens. These provisions intend to reinforce the importance of following federal immigration laws and ensure that illegal immigrants do not receive benefits that are reserved for legal residents and citizens.

The media’s response to SB 1718 has been predictable, with outlets highlighting personal stories of individuals impacted by the law. However, it is essential to recognize that the law primarily targets those who profit from illegal immigration rather than the illegal immigrants themselves. Florida’s new legislation aligns with the conservative perspective of safeguarding the state and its citizens by upholding immigration laws and encouraging legal immigration.

Despite concerns about potential labor shortages and economic impacts, history has shown that when states enact effective policies like SB 1718, positive results are often achieved in the long run. By enforcing immigration laws and holding those who exploit illegal immigrants accountable, Florida is taking a proactive step towards securing its future. As with any significant policy change, there might be initial adjustments, but ultimately, Florida’s resilience and adaptability will prevail. This is why the Left fears conservative policies that produce positive outcomes, as it exposes the false narratives they propagate to maintain their grip on power. As SB 1718 takes effect, we can expect the usual opposition from the activist Left, but Florida’s commitment to law and order will prevail for the greater good of the state and its citizens.