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Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) says the Republican Party “cannot be wedded to corporate America” as corporations support values at odds with the nation’s working and middle class.

In an interview on Fox Nation’s Tucker Carlson Today, DeSantis said the GOP must break with corporate interests if it wants to remain a viable electoral force and protect its constituents.

“Do you think that the future for Republicans will be less tied to corporate values?” Carlson asked DeSantis, to which the governor responded:

Well, I think [the Republican Party] has to be [less tied to corporate values] … the larger issue of kind of corporate America, look if they’re going to virtue signal, if they’re going to engage in this woke type of stuff, if they’re going to try to put a thumb on this scale into state and federal politics, that’s something we have to consider.

One of the things that bugs me is they’ll virtue signal on some of this stuff, they know the media will love it and give them praise. Meanwhile, they’re engaging in horrific business practices overseas and doing all this stuff.

So some of this is very dishonest … we cannot be wedded to corporate America, both in terms of I think solid economic policy. That’s really not what I think traditional conservatism should be about. I think the D.C. Republican Party is kind of naturally fall into being a corporatist party but I don’t think that was Reagan’s vision, I don’t think that was Coolidge’s vision.

But then we also have to understand, these companies are standing for values that are really not middle America’s values and so why would we want to put them in the driver seat of national policy? So yes, it’s Big Tech, yes it’s some of these other companies. Even you see what Coca-Cola is doing with critical race theory. Some of this stuff is absolutely insane. Read more…