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Nearly two and a half centuries ago, the United States Declaration of Independence bolding asserted that all men are created equal, endowed by their Creator with the same inalienable rights. For centuries, America strove to make the Declaration a reality. But now, radical leftist ideologues want both the Declaration and the Constitution it inspired to be trashed, and replaced with a new ideology of permanent racial and gender antagonism.

At this very moment, U.S. government policy actively encourages employers across the country to engage in overt race and sex discrimination in a fight to achieve “equality.” The Biden administration is forgiving massive loans based only on skin color, and has decided that white male business owners don’t deserve any relief from the catastrophic harm of coronavirus lockdowns. America is rapidly becoming a country of first and second-class citizens.

But Revolver can now exclusively report Congressman Paul Gosar of Arizona is introducing a bill that would bring all this to a halt, immediately. The Making Excellence Replace Identity Traits (MERIT) Act would force a permanent end to this hateful situation. Most of the laws bringing down America are hundreds or thousands of pages long, so it’s fitting that the MERIT Act is so brief it can be quoted in full here: (Read here!)