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Rep. Don Bacon, a staunch conservative from Nebraska, has expressed his support for granting more responsibilities to Speaker Pro Tempore Rep. Patrick McHenry, a fellow Republican hailing from North Carolina. This move is emblematic of the conservative wing’s commitment to ensuring principled leadership within the party.

The recent actions of eight House Republicans, who voted to remove former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, have sparked considerable debate within conservative circles. While some may question the decision, those who cast their ballots in favor of change see it as an opportunity to reset the course of the party. They believe that true representation of the people’s voices and a return to fiscal responsibility are paramount.

Rep. Nancy Mace, a conservative voice from South Carolina, insists that the American people deserve a speaker who truly represents them, rather than perpetuating the status quo in Washington. She views the move to empower Democrats as deeply troubling and indicative of elected officials who have lost sight of their constituents’ needs.

Matt Rosendale, a Republican representative from Montana, firmly opposes granting additional power to an unelected Speaker. He sees this as an attempt by the entrenched Washington establishment to disregard the voices of the American people. Rosendale stands firm in urging his colleagues to promptly nominate a candidate and get back to the work the American people entrusted to a Republican majority.

Although the office of Rep. Ken Buck from Colorado did not provide a comment on the potential expansion of McHenry’s powers, it is clear that conservatives are divided on the issue, with various perspectives on how best to navigate the challenges currently facing the Republican Party.

While Rep. Matt Gaetz and other Republican representatives like Bob Good, Andy Biggs, and Tim Burchett did not immediately respond to inquiries, it is evident that the ongoing debate over party leadership has led to a level of uncertainty and perhaps a need for further internal discussion among conservatives.

As House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan considers the possibility of a third vote for Speaker, conservatives are deeply invested in the outcome. They are grappling with a difficult decision that will shape the future direction of the Republican Party, demonstrating the significance of principled leadership within the conservative movement.