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A December 2019 law changed the long-standing definition of ‘covert agents’ to include those who reside and act in the United States.

A federal law change just weeks before COVID-19 hit America changed the definition of “covert agents” to include those who live and act in the United States – raising new questions about the government’s classified national security “exercises” and possible falsification of the COVID crisis.

Previous articles discussed information which suggests that the COVID-19 pandemic may be a hoax, ruse, ploy, covert operational exercise, or national security exercise. Possibly the most significant supporting information includes a 2019 national security law change which legalizes specifically “emerging threat” national exercises, some which apparently may be classified information and therefore would likely be covert.

Another is a major change to U.S. federal laws which govern the definition and labeling of “vaccines” which seemingly allowed for mRNA substances to be labeled as “vaccines” rather than being required to be labeled as something other than vaccines or rejected altogether. That change was made only a few weeks before the reported outbreak of COVID-19. Read more…