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The Grand Old Party (GOP) finds itself at a crossroads, facing internal divisions that raise questions about its future. Drawing a parallel to the recent upheaval in college sports, where longstanding conferences like the Pac-12 saw the departure of major institutions, the GOP’s unity and stability are in doubt.

The Pac-12 experienced a major shake-up when the University of Southern California and the University of California, Los Angeles decided to join the Big Ten Conference. This abrupt move left the Pac-12 with uncertainty and a sense of loss, despite the anticipation of a strong media deal. Similarly, the GOP, known for its diversity of thought and spirited debates, now confronts deep internal divisions that threaten its cohesiveness.

While ideological differences and debates are inherent in the Republican Party, the current landscape reflects a level of bitter partisan tribalism that is causing concern. The loyalty of some fervent Trump supporters has transformed into unwavering devotion, resembling hero worship. This level of devotion is seen by some as uncharacteristic of conservatives, who traditionally view politicians as public servants rather than idols.

The GOP faces a rift between Trump loyalists, who demand unwavering support for the former president, and those who advocate for alternative candidates like Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. The intense polarization within the party risks alienating potential supporters, as the Trump devotees employ aggressive tactics to enforce loyalty.

Despite assurances of willingness to support the GOP nominee, those in the DeSantis camp struggle to make their case to Trump’s ardent followers. This schism threatens the party’s unity and its ability to present a united front in the 2024 election.

In the face of these divisions, the Democratic Party could capitalize on GOP disarray, especially with the potential influence of mail-in voting. If the Democrats retain the White House in the next election, the GOP may emerge as a mere shadow of its former self, mirroring the decline of the once-mighty Pac-12. The question arises: What led to the GOP’s unraveling, and what will be the repercussions for the United States of America?