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Democrats continuously harp about how the 2020 election was somehow the “most secure” election in history. The source of their claim? An environmental scientist turned lawyer with zero election experience. But that doesn’t really matter to them. Their goal isn’t to give voters reliable information- its to keep voters from asking questions.

But no matter how much the Democrats, mainstream media, and big tech might censor us and shut us down, we need to keep asking questions and demanding an audit of the 2020 election here in North Carolina. It may be inconvenient to them, but it’s no secret to us that corrupt politicians abused so-called “emergency” powers to unconstitutionally rewrite our election laws, eliminate almost every protection against fraud, and then then turned around and lied about how the election was supposedly “secure” (it wasn’t).

Now, the Democrat-controlled Board of Elections in North Carolina is trying to keep lawmakers from investigating the election by threatening them with lawsuits and refusing to turn over information needed for an investigation. What are they so afraid of? What are they hiding? Read more…