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Newly elected Republican House Speaker Mike Johnson recently delved into the intersection of his Christian faith and political convictions, highlighting his favorite Bible passage and his commitment to dignity, respect, and truthfulness in politics. Johnson, during an interview with The Daily Signal, revealed that Psalm 37 is profoundly significant in shaping his life and resonates particularly in these times of political turmoil.

“Psalm 37 is my life’s passage,” shared Johnson, expressing admiration for the entire Psalm and its relevance to the current era. The 40-verse Psalm encourages trust in the Lord and advocates refraining from worry about the actions of evildoers, asserting that their prosperity is fleeting, akin to the ephemeral nature of grass.

In discussions regarding the media’s portrayal of faith, Johnson pointed out the double standard evident in how President Joe Biden’s Catholicism is often referred to as “devout” while other individuals’ religious affiliations may not receive such respectful attention. He further highlighted his friendship with Justice Barrett, alluding to the media’s disparate treatment based on faith.

The Speaker also emphasized his strong support for Israel, aligning his stance with a biblical principle that advocates blessings for those who support Israel and cautions against those who oppose it. Johnson emphasized the importance of Israel’s stability, especially in a region where it stands as the sole democracy amidst threats from neighbors seeking its destruction. He underscored that all Americans have a stake in ensuring Israel’s stability due to the values it represents and its role as a stabilizing influence in the region.

However, Johnson’s comments faced criticism from Jen Psaki, who labeled him as “scary” due to his devout Christian beliefs. Psaki’s remarks seemingly trivialized Johnson’s identity and convictions, downplaying the influence and potential impact of his character and values in politics. Despite Psaki’s comments, Johnson’s commitment to his faith, values, and principles remains unwavering, as he continues to advocate for dignity, respect, and stability, both within the political landscape and internationally.