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Confession time: There’s always been a lingering skepticism about Senator Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), and a new book titled “Find Me the Votes: A Hard-Charging Georgia Prosecutor, a Rogue President, and the Plot to Steal an American Election” by Michael Isikoff and Daniel Klaidman appears to add fuel to the suspicions. The book delves into Fani Willis’ grand jury investigation and portrays Graham in a rather unfavorable light.

The book, as described by the authors, presents an authoritative account of a defeated president’s alleged conspiracy to overturn the 2020 election and the efforts of a local Georgia prosecutor, Fani Willis, to indict him and his allies. The narrative seems to paint Willis as a noble hero fighting against the “mustache-twirling villain” Trump, which, regardless of one’s stance on Trump’s election challenges, might come off as overly dramatic.

According to Politico’s reporting on excerpts from the book, Graham’s actions during the investigation do not cast him in a positive light. After a legal battle to avoid testifying before a grand jury, Graham reportedly turned on Trump during his testimony, saying that if you told Trump “Martians came and stole the election, he’d probably believe you.” While Graham’s remark might have an element of truth, his change in tone after initially resisting the subpoena may raise eyebrows.

In a peculiar turn of events, after testifying, Graham reportedly thanked Fani Willis in a hallway and expressed that the experience was “so cathartic.” The most surprising part was when Graham hugged the Fulton County DA, who was actively pursuing Trump. Witnesses described Willis’s reaction as nonchalant, responding with a “whatever, dude.”

The portrayal of Graham’s behavior, especially the awkward hug, is highlighted as ridiculous and raises questions about his sincerity and reliability. The book adds another layer to the ongoing scrutiny of political figures involved in the aftermath of the 2020 election, leaving room for interpretation and skepticism about Graham’s actions during the grand jury investigation.