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The Republican party often finds itself divided, resembling a car stuck in the mud with its occupants arguing about the way forward. It’s baffling how the Democrats, known for promoting strange and sometimes misguided ideas, manage to stay united while Republicans, the party rooted in principles and common sense, often struggle to find cohesion. This internal strife can sometimes appear as though they are standing against their own principles.

Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy recently displayed frustration, akin to a kid who brings his baseball to a game, doesn’t get to play, and leaves in a huff. McCarthy criticized fellow Republicans for slowing down the passage of a spending bill, a measure often seen as a mere excuse for the government to spend more money under the guise of bridging gaps.

This bill passed with a vote of 335-91, with 209 Democrats supporting it and only one abstaining. Among Republicans, 126 voted for it, while 90 opposed it. McCarthy’s anger was directed at the Republicans who didn’t support the bill, and his martyr-like response came across as the petulance of a spoiled child.

McCarthy’s claim that the bill aimed to “secure the border and cut wasteful spending” was met with skepticism, as many saw it as a political maneuver. He accused some members of his own party of not supporting the bill, painting a bleak picture of a government shutdown and unpaid troops if they didn’t fall in line.

However, it’s clear that McCarthy’s rhetoric didn’t convince everyone. Rep. Matt Gaetz accused him of ignoring conservatives and attempting to appease Democrats, even threatening to have McCarthy removed if conservative viewpoints weren’t considered.

McCarthy’s response included a call for unity and cooperation between parties to put America first. While unity is essential, many conservatives believe that putting America first also involves fiscal responsibility and upholding conservative principles. It’s crucial for the Republican party to navigate these internal divisions effectively to achieve its goals.