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America First U.S. Senate candidate Eric Greitens of Missouri has opened up a massive advantage of nearly 40 points against his likely competitors, according to a survey conducted by pro-Trump pollsters Tony Fabrizio, David Lee and Travis Tunis.

The poll shows Greitens receiving 48 percent support from the voters while his only declared opponent, Attorney General Eric Schmitt, received a mere 11 percent of support. Other likely candidates, such as Reps. Ann Wagner and Jason Smith, failed to receive even ten percent of support from the voters.

“This is not a case of winning simply based on higher name ID,” Fabrizio wrote about the findings of the poll. “Greitens is truly the preferred choice on an even playing field.”

The poll shows that Greitens has 55 percent support from Missouri voters who have a favorable opinion of Trump. Trump has not backed anyone in this race yet but could serve as kingmaker if he decides to get involved.

“He has the ability to be a force in this campaign if he so chooses,” Fabrizio said.

Before Republicans were fully aware of the Democrats’ #metoo phony accusation blueprint, Greitens’ run as a governor was cut short. Greitens was targeted by infamous St. Louis District Attorney Kim Gardner to prevent him from serving his full term, and establishment Republicans looked the other way as the railroading took place. Read more…