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In the aftermath of her second-place finish to “None of These Candidates” in the Nevada Republican Party presidential primary, former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley asserted in an interview that the process in Nevada was “rigged” by former President Donald Trump. Despite winning 31% of the vote, Haley faced a significant challenge as 63% of participants opted for “None of These Candidates.” The primary did not allocate delegates, as that responsibility falls to the state’s caucus, an event Haley chose not to participate in.

Haley didn’t express disappointment over the loss, dismissing Nevada as a “scam” orchestrated by Trump to favor the GOP chairman, who is facing indictment. According to her, the decision not to invest time or resources in Nevada was made months ago due to the perceived rigging. Instead, she highlighted her campaign’s focus on upcoming contests in South Carolina, Michigan, and Super Tuesday, emphasizing growth in Iowa and New Hampshire as more critical indicators of success.

The former ambassador critiqued the recent turmoil within the Republican Party, pointing to major losses on votes related to the border and Israel. She connected these events to Trump, citing the former president’s impending legal challenges and the firing of the RNC chair. Haley expressed concern about the chaos within the party and argued for a change, asserting that combating Democratic chaos requires a united and stable Republican Party. The interview underscored Haley’s stance on the need for a shift in the party’s direction to navigate challenges effectively.