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House Minority Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) has announced the formation of a climate change task force as the Republican Party gets ready to capitulate to the liberals on yet another issue.

Perhaps after a session with his butt-buddy and roomie Frank Luntz, McCarthy decided to make climate change a primary focus for the Republican Party moving forward. He made climate change the focus of one of his seven task forces, which are overwhelmingly packed with RINOs.

“These task forces will be critical in building consensus around ideas to continue to build on our Commitment to America and ensure that the next century is an American one,” McCarthy said.

Having done such a legendary poor job of youth outreach, the Republican establishment is getting ready to capitulate on climate change like they have on pretty much every other issue. Since actually fighting to change minds on the issue would take hard work, they would rather take the path of least resistance, surrender to the Left, and cash donor checks instead. Read more…