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Rep. Byron Donalds (R-FL) emphasized over the weekend that if Republicans gain control of the entire federal government in 2024, there will be significant changes to border security and the handling of illegal immigration in the U.S. Donalds made these comments during a Sunday interview on “Fox News Sunday” with Shannon Bream, responding to questions about what the GOP plans to implement if they secure victories in November.

“A couple of things,” Donalds stated. “President Trump had the border secured when he was in office. Joe Biden’s first act was to dismantle these effective border policies simply because they were instituted by Trump. This was a reckless decision by Biden, and the country has been suffering the consequences.”

Donalds outlined the Republican plan to restore and enhance border security measures. “We will end ‘catch-and-release’ and reinstate the ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy. Additionally, we will need to deport millions of people who are here illegally, as our cities and states are overwhelmed by the influx of illegal migrants. Under Biden’s watch, we’ve seen dangerous attempts to breach sensitive locations like Quantico and alarming incidents at the southern border, including efforts to scale the wall in California.”

He emphasized that President Trump would reimplement the policies that effectively secured the border and focus on mass deportations of illegal immigrants. “What President Trump is going to do is reinstate the policies that kept our country secure and deport millions of people who are here illegally. This is a necessary action.”

Donalds also highlighted legislative plans, noting the importance of having a supportive Congress. “With a policy like H.R. 2, if we have the votes in the House and Senate, we will pass significant parts of this into federal law. This will give the president more authority to secure the nation.”

In summary, Donalds underscored that a Republican-controlled government would prioritize reinstating and strengthening border security measures, enforcing immigration laws, and ensuring that effective policies become federal law to provide lasting security for the nation.