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Last Friday, a six-year-old girl was shot down in a drive-by in Washington, D.C. while she walked with her parents and her younger sister by a park that hadn’t been taken care of — hadn’t been trimmed, hadn’t even been cleaned up or properly patrolled — by the city in a very long time. Authorities had surrendered the park to addicts and criminals, but the morning after the shooting you can bet the cleaning crews were there. It wasn’t worth salvaging the park for normal citizens who lived there, but it was for the news cameras.

This past Thursday was the six-month anniversary of the Biden administration, and by extension, the six-month anniversary of the demise of the Keystone Pipeline. The Austin American-Statesman fact-checked complaints from now-unemployed workers, claiming the jobs weren’t actually lost — they were just temporarily lost. Forever.

On Wednesday, a Politico story broke down continuing lockdowns by county, party, and then income. It was supposed to show Democrats and Republicans have similar COVID strategies, which is laughable, but it showed something different instead: working-class people are back at work. Many have always been working. And the rich folks? Not so much; but guess who’s calling for more lockdowns? (It’s not the hourly workers.) Read more…