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The dawn of the Speaker Mike Johnson era has begun, and it’s proving to be an enjoyable start, even though politics often leads to disappointments. While Democrats and their allies in the mainstream media were busy lamenting the supposed “CHAOS” in the House, many conservatives were more concerned that the impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden was not gaining enough traction. For many, the primary focus of the House should be on unraveling the workings of the Biden family’s potential misconduct, given the uncertainty of how long the GOP’s slim majority in the House will last.

Speaker Johnson’s readiness to address these concerns is promising. As Matt mentions, the best news is that Republicans are not interested in engaging in the same kind of kangaroo court antics as the Democrats. Johnson emphasized that their approach is evidence-based, and they won’t rush into impeachment without solid grounds. This reflects a commitment to principles and due process.

One way to gauge a relatively unknown politician is by observing the issues that trigger their political opponents. Speaker Johnson’s Christianity has ruffled some feathers on the left, with some expressing disappointment that the GOP didn’t choose a rabidly pro-abortion speaker. The fact that Johnson is a person of faith, with a belief in the sanctity of life, has unnerved those who were expecting a different outcome.

The desperate attempts by some on the left to baselessly smear Johnson, such as trying to start a narrative about his sexuality, reveal the intolerance and prejudice that can exist among American leftists. This is a testament to the knee-jerk reactions that Speaker Johnson’s agenda is forcing from some of the more extreme voices on the political spectrum.

In conclusion, Speaker Mike Johnson’s strong start and principled approach have garnered him high marks among conservatives, despite the chaos in the House. If this is the result of Republican leadership in the House, it’s a promising sign for the future.