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Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz has expressed strong criticism for the decision made by Rep. Patrick McHenry, the new Speaker Pro Tempore, to send lawmakers home amid the turmoil surrounding the removal of Rep. Kevin McCarthy from his speakership role. Gaetz believes that the focus should be on electing new leadership and addressing pressing legislative matters, such as funding the government.

In Gaetz’s view, the decision to recess until the following week is an unnecessary delay when crucial tasks remain unfinished. He emphasizes the need to elect a new Speaker promptly, engage in negotiations on appropriations bills, and fund the government, rather than allowing time for lawmakers to dwell on McCarthy’s removal. Gaetz played a significant role in McCarthy’s removal, leading a successful effort with a 216-210 vote.

McHenry, on the other hand, defended the recess by stating that it allows both Democrats and Republicans to discuss the way forward. However, Gaetz contends that the urgency of the situation cannot be overstated, and it is vital for leadership to recognize the urgency felt by the American people.

Rep. Garret Graves supported the decision for a recess, arguing that it was necessary to allow tempers to cool. He suggested that tensions were running high, and there was a risk of confrontations if lawmakers remained in the meeting. According to Graves, the recess provides an opportunity for lawmakers to decompress and return with a calmer perspective.

Despite the temporary avoidance of a government shutdown over the weekend, it is important to note that the continuing resolution is set to expire on November 17, adding further urgency to the need for swift action and leadership in Congress.