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There are a lot of reasons to go over why the GOP underperformed in 2022, and after last night’s loss in Georgia and the election cycle being over, we can really do a deep dive into it.

We can talk about candidate quality. We can talk Mitch McConnell. We can talk Kevin McCarthy. We can talk Donald Trump. But there’s one problem that the GOP refuses to discuss and that is the grifter class within its ranks.

See, Democrat politicians and Democrat campaigns are in it to win it. But, more often than not, it seems like Republican politicians and campaigns are in it to make sure the consultants get paid first. There was a huge cash-on-hand disparity when it came to candidates in 2022. Raphael Warnock was at a two-to-one advantage over Herschel Walker, if not more.

In Arizona, Mark Kelly had more cash on hand than Blake Masters. Catherine Cortez-Masto in Nevada had more cash on hand than Adam Laxalt. Read more…