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It’s hard not to enjoy the extended implosion of The Lincoln Project over the past month. For a brief, brilliant year, America’s premier assembly of pedophile lookalikes raised seemingly endless amounts of money from gullible liberals, pledging that it would ignite an anti-Trump insurgency on the right. Now, almost every prominent figure linked with the group has been exposed as a liar, scammer, or outright sexual predator. Its total collapse appears imminent.

The Lincoln Project was a grift, one of the largest ever executed in American politics. As a future U.S president once said, it’s good to see bad people fail.

But Republicans can only enjoy themselves so much. While The Lincoln Project’s collapse is entertaining, the stark reality is that its brand of scam has flourished on the right for years. This scam will continue, until a superior conservative movement is born that demands real accountability of its operatives. Read more…