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Happy Monday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Welcome to the week before the storm.

It’s difficult to believe that this presidential campaign, which seems as if it’s been going on since disco was big, is about to be somewhat over. For those of us who vote legally, that is. Dead Democrats and phantom mail-in ballots will no doubt be voting for a while.

In campaigns past, we’ve become used to the candidates furiously campaigning down the final stretch, getting very little sleep, and traversing the country to make their final pitches. It’s a mad dash for the finish line that usually doesn’t end until the wee hours of Election Day.

Well, Joe Biden is having none of that. He’s ducking out for more basement time.

Beth Baumann writes at Townhall that Mr. Harris-Biden once again cleared his schedule for whatever the heck it is he does when he calls it a day early. Read more…