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Fourteen Republicans voted to restrict your Second Amendment rights this week. The bill they support would encourage states to adopt Orwellian red flag laws and make it harder for law-abiding citizens to purchase firearms. The lead Republican advocate of the bill was John Cornyn, the Texas Senator who could succeed Mitch McConnell as the next leader of the GOP caucus. This is not the first time Cornyn, a former Majority Whip, has betrayed Middle America to please the Swamp. If he becomes the next majority leader, Republicans would probably be better off letting Democrats keep the reins.

Cornyn is the primary salesman of gun control to conservatives. He insists his bill is great because it excludes even worse provisions, such as universal background checks. That still doesn’t explain why Republicans need to make a deal on gun control. He defends the grants to states to expand red flag laws as just good common sense. “The goal is to keep guns out of the hands of people with criminal backgrounds and people with mental health problems,” he told Fox News. I’m sure we can all trust liberal bureaucrats to only take guns from people who pose actual risks, like those who make satirical tweets about the 2019 film “Joker”. If Cornyn’s “compromise” becomes law, it would be much easier for the government to take guns away from political dissidents. That’s who liberal bureaucrats see as the real threat – not actual criminals.

Cornyn isn’t content to just promote gun control. He also wants Republicans to make a deal on amnesty. In April, he began negotiations with Democrats to work out a compromise on immigration reform. Politico reported last week the talks have not yet yielded a proposal, but that could change. Powerful GOP donors issued a letter to Republican leaders urging them to legalize illegal aliens to address “labor shortages” and counter inflation. Yes, some establishment bigwigs still think more cheap foreign labor is the solution to all of America’s problems. Read more…