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While Joe Biden has thus far been able to rely on his water carriers in the media to sell his immigration agenda to the public, the courts of law are a different playing field entirely.

In case you haven’t noticed already, this has not been America’s finest year. With the Afghanistan debacle, the Biden Administration has now given us a 21st-century Saigon moment. Our southern border resembles the lawless no man’s land of “The Road Warrior.” Overall, America’s descent under Joe Biden has made Jimmy Carter’s malaise days look like the Era of Good Feelings.

Even against this bleak landscape we may find reason for hope. Like tiny leaves of vegetation sprouting forth in a sun-scorched desert terrain, hope has a funny way of emerging in the most unlikely of places. So it is here. The biggest obstacle to Biden’s war on our borders has come not from the mostly feckless members of Congress, but from the judges in our federal courts. Read more…