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President Donald Trump said in a Sunday interview that freedom of the press in the United States is being eroded by mainstream news outlets.

The president was asked several questions about alleged election fraud and how corporate media outlets are covering it.

“The media doesn’t want to talk about it. They know how fraudulent this is. It’s no different than Hunter. It’s no different than Hunter,” he said, referring to Democrat Joe Biden’s son’s overseas business ties that were the focus of scrutiny weeks ahead of Nov. 3. “They don’t want to talk about Hunter, so they totally closed it off, big tech and the media, other than The New York Post, as you remember, which took a lot of heat. It was terminated. It was terminated from, I guess, Twitter, maybe Facebook.”

The NY Post published a story, citing data obtained from Hunter Biden’s alleged laptop, that claimed the younger Biden tried to set up a meeting between his then-vice president father and a businessman associated with Ukraine’s Burisma Holdings, a company that has long been accused of corruption. Read more…