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In the aftermath of the Iowa caucuses, where former President Donald Trump secured a historic victory, notable conservative figures such as Vivek Ramaswamy and Senator Ted Cruz have thrown their support behind Trump, signaling his growing influence within the Republican Party. Tucker Carlson, a vocal Trump supporter, highlighted the media’s entertaining yet dismayed reactions to Trump’s win, with figures like Chris Wallace appearing visibly distressed and Joy Reid resorting to blaming “white Christians” in Iowa, accusing them of racism.

While Trump’s triumph in Iowa has solidified his frontrunner status, Carlson expressed concerns about the potential rise of Nikki Haley in New Hampshire. He cautioned that Haley, who has spent significantly more money in the state than Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, might gain traction, especially with support from New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu and contributions from committed Democratic partisans.

However, Carlson criticized Haley’s conservative credentials, pointing to her positions on issues such as illegal immigration, reactions to Black Lives Matter (BLM) riots, spending for Ukraine, and her stance on climate change. He particularly took issue with Haley’s suggestion that people should register to use social media, deeming it inconsistent with conservative principles.

Highlighting the open primary system in New Hampshire, Carlson expressed concerns about potential crossover voting by Democrats to influence the Republican nominee. He suggested that if Haley secures a victory in New Hampshire and attracts non-Trump donors, she could become a formidable contender, especially if unforeseen legal challenges impact Trump’s candidacy.

Considering the history of Democrats engaging in strategic actions to influence Republican primaries, Carlson acknowledged the possibility of crossovers in New Hampshire but speculated that Trump’s decisive win in Iowa might deter such tactics. As the political landscape unfolds, the looming question revolves around whether Trump’s dominance will continue to solidify, or if challengers like Haley can gain momentum, especially in states with open primary systems like New Hampshire. The upcoming weeks are poised to offer insights into the evolving dynamics of the Republican primary race.