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It should come as no surprise to Utahns or anyone who identifies as conservative that Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) did not vote along party lines when it came to the $1.7 trillion spending bill/omnibus package. Well, he did vote along party lines, just not the party with which he is affiliated. Romney took to Twitter to explain his rationale:

If you couldn’t stand a political version of a time-share pitch, let me summarize it for you:

It would cost less to pass it this year than next.
Republicans aren’t organized enough to get a speaker together, let alone budgets.

They need Senate Democrats to pass a budget, anyway.

Sure, $1.7 trillion sounds like a lot of money, but it only makes up 1/3 of government spending. The other 2/3, which include social security entitlements, Medicare, and Medicaid, are the real culprits when it comes to debt. Read more…