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That is the abortion issue in a nutshell. This is why every year a million heartbeats are snuffed out legally. This is why the mere fact that some people are opposed to abortion creates hysteria in abortion supporters. Franklin Roosevelt’s enduring scheme for the Democratic Party to buy votes and create a dependent class that would forever need Democrats in office shoveling out the entitlements was mild in comparison to the nine old men on the Supreme Court in 1973 who bought a nation’s soul.

In moments of weakness, foolishness, or wretched selfishness, people chose what seemed the easy way out. In the wake of such bad decisions, they must spend their lives looking for absolution. Democrats tell these people they did nothing wrong and they grasp at that absolution like medieval sinners buying indulgences.

If abortion is ever again made illegal, millions of people will have to come to terms with what they have done. They will need to stop denying they have sinned, or trying to foist their sins on others. They must look at a vision of their own lost child and ask forgiveness.

It is much easier to just dismiss the GOP’s “obsession.” Much easier to try and force acquiescence to their view. Much better never to have grandchildren than to feel the pain of having taken your own child’s life. Keeping abortion legal means never having to face the horror of what they have done. Those who have committed that sin will do whatever it takes to keep their absolution. Read more…