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In the city of Lubbock, Texas, activists have organized a petition calling on the city government to remove two confederate statues in front of the county courthouse.

According to a report by KCBD, the petition has gathered 1,000 signatures so far.

“We pretty much just try to hear out our communities and serve them to the best of our ability,” Nanci Glitterati stated.

Glitterati belongs to an anti-racism group called LASER (Lubbock Activists Striving to End Racism), which drew up the petition. The group was established last summer in the wake of George Floyd’s death. At one of the protests that Glitterati participated in, she saw the writing on statues which made her immediately understand the significance of these objects.

The anti-Confederate craze serves as a first step, since attacking Confederate history is a low-hanging fruit for the anti-American, radical Left.

The Texas GOP would be wise to make monument protection a key part of their political platform. Read more…