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Speaking on the “Just the News AM” television show, Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage asserted that the much of the American polling industry works in tandem with the mainstream media to disincentivize GOP voters from going to the polls on Election day.

“I think that polling is often used by the establishment as a way of disincentivizing the other side to go out and vote,” Farage said. “The morning of Brexit, there was a poll released that said Remain were 10 points ahead. And it was done, very simply, to say to potential ‘Leave’ voters, ‘Do you know what, if it’s raining, don’t bother to get down to the local school and vote, because you’re gonna lose anyway.”

Farage commented, “And the polling industry is here in D.C.; it’s the same group of people that run mainstream media; they’re all the same people.”

“Are you saying this is a form of voter suppression?” the interviewer asked. Read more…