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There is a palpable sense of anxiety and trepidation among a reported dozen Democrat party leaders and operatives regarding the potential outcome of the upcoming election. The fear revolves around the possibility of President Joe Biden losing to former President Donald Trump, leading to heightened concerns within the party’s ranks.

This unease comes at a critical juncture, just months before Biden is expected to accept the Democrat party’s nomination at the Democratic National Convention. Reports suggest that Democrats have contemplated a three-step political process to replace Biden at the convention, although such a move would necessitate Biden stepping aside.

The anxiety is further fueled by polling data from several swing states, which consistently indicate that Trump could secure victory over Biden in November. States like Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, and North Carolina are deemed crucial in determining the presidency, with Trump’s potential victories in key states posing a significant challenge to Biden’s electoral prospects.

Previously confident Democrat officeholders and strategists are now grappling with what Politico describes as a “pervasive sense of fear” regarding Biden’s chances. Factors contributing to this fear include poor polling numbers, concerns about border policies, rising costs, and Biden’s age, prompting some within the party to question the viability of a Biden victory.

One adviser to major Democrat party donors has compiled a list highlighting reasons why Biden could lose, with the list reportedly growing in length. Conversely, the list of reasons why Biden could win appears significantly shorter, reflecting a shift in sentiment among Democrat strategists and operatives.

Longtime Democrat strategist Pete Giangreco expressed concerns about the framing of the race, emphasizing that comparisons between the Biden and Trump administrations could potentially favor Trump, posing a daily challenge for the Democrat campaign.

Reflecting on the competitiveness of the election, Rep. Ritchie Torres (D-NY) lamented the fact that Trump’s chances of reelection are higher than expected, given what he perceives as Trump’s shortcomings. Torres highlighted a sense of disbelief that in a functioning democracy, Trump should not have a viable path to the presidency, underscoring the gravity of the situation for Democrats as they navigate the upcoming election landscape.