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On Thursday evening, conservative radio host Larry Elder made a significant announcement, declaring the suspension of his presidential campaign and offering his endorsement to Donald Trump for the presidency. Elder expressed his gratitude for the grassroots support he received during his campaign and highlighted his mission to hold the establishment party leaders accountable.

Throughout his campaign, Elder championed several key conservative principles, including addressing the crisis of fatherlessness, rejecting the notion of systemic racism in America, advocating for a constitutional amendment to cap federal spending as a percentage of the GDP, and pushing for the removal of Soros-backed District Attorneys who he believed were not enforcing the law effectively.

Despite his unwavering commitment to these values, Elder’s campaign faced challenges in gaining traction and failed to qualify for any of the debates. He acknowledged that the breakdown of the family structure, especially the absence of positive father figures in the lives of many children, had far-reaching consequences, including the current surge in crime across America. While suspending his campaign was a difficult decision, Elder believed it was the right choice.

In announcing his endorsement of Donald Trump, Elder emphasized Trump’s leadership in advancing conservative, America-first policies that have positively impacted the nation. He stressed the need for unity behind Trump to counter Joe Biden’s policies and the left’s alleged destruction of America, particularly in the context of perceived election interference.

Elder expressed gratitude for his supporters, volunteers, and donors who dedicated their time, energy, and resources to his campaign. Despite suspending his presidential bid, he reaffirmed his commitment to addressing the crisis of fatherlessness, promoting conservative ideals, and supporting the Make America Great Again (MAGA) movement. He pledged to continue advocating tirelessly for the issues that matter most to the American people and concluded with a message of blessing for his supporters and the United States.