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Former President Donald Trump’s Super PAC, MAGA Inc., is set to launch a new website aimed at supporting “content creators” on TikTok and other platforms ahead of the upcoming debates and conventions. The Daily Caller reports that this initiative will provide creators with talking points, clips, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools to help them generate scripts and content that promote Trump’s messages.

MAGA Inc., the primary Super PAC backing Trump, aims to build a network of independent digital creators to amplify well-researched messages and videos. The new website,, will serve as a “one-stop-shop” for news clips, talking points, opposition research, and fact sheets highlighting Trump’s accomplishments and the failures of Joe Biden’s presidency. The platform will be named the “Content Creator’s War Room.”

To ensure quality and alignment, creators will need to apply to access the site, allowing the PAC to vet users effectively. The website will feature an AI tool designed to extract content from each page and generate scripts for TikTok, blogs, and Twitter posts, making it easier for creators to produce compelling and consistent messages.

Additionally, the PAC plans to release a walkthrough video on TikTok to guide users through the new website once it goes live.

“President Trump has the biggest microphone of all time: The collective voice of the people. MAGA Inc. is putting the tools and information in the hands of the people to amplify our message and win back the White House in November,” Taylor Budowich, the chief executive officer of MAGA Inc., told the Daily Caller before the launch.

This innovative approach leverages modern digital tools and platforms, empowering grassroots supporters to effectively spread Trump’s message and counteract the narratives pushed by mainstream media and the Biden administration.